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Carriere sanitation provides septic tank services to North Bay, Ontario and surrounding areas. Residential & Commercial. Our guarantee to you is Prompt Reliable Year-Round Service, 24-hour Answering Service, and Above-Average Customer Satisfaction. Carriere Sanitation is a reputable family business and has been for over 30 years! With years of experience, we have gained an invaluable knowledge base and irreplaceable experience.

"There is no job too big, nor too small for our crew!"

If you are experiencing plumbing issues it is a wise choice to get your septic tank evaluated by a skilled septic cleaning pro. There could be an underlying issue that is not visible or obvious to the eye, issues left untreated could cause irreparable damage costing you more money than necessary. Septic tanks, generally speaking, should be pumped once at least every 3-5 years. Keeping on top of your septic tank maintenance will be key to achieving longevity for your Septic System.

If you have an emergency, need to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call today!

Professional Sanitation & Septic Services

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Carriere Sanitation provides Septic Services to Residents and Business Owners throughout North Bay, Ontario and surrounding areas. With the latest technology, Carriere Sanitation can Install, Repair and Service any type of Septic System. There's no job too big, nor too small for our crew.

Here are some Dos and Don'ts to follow:
Do have any leaks or unusual sounds looked at promptly.

Do even out your water usage. Instead of saving your laundry and doing it all on one day, try doing a load-a-day and avoid having a shower, using the toilet and, having the washing machine on all at once. This can put unnecessary strain on your system causing unwanted damage.

Don't pour hot fats down the drain. Pour them into a container, wait for them to harden, then place in the trash.

Don't plant anything on or near your drain field as the roots of these plants may cause damage to your System.

Do call Carriere Sanitation when you need assistance with your septic tank.

Residential & Commercial Septic Services

Residential & Commercial Septic Services

We provide Septic Services to Residential and Commercial properties in North Bay, Ontario and surrounding areas. At Carriere Sanitation, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We have a keen eye for detail and know how to get the job done right to a high standard, every time.

Did you know? Septic Systems should be pumped at least once every 3-5 years so it may be useful to familiarize yourself about the location of your septic system and the drain field. We would recommend taking pictures when you next get it pumped. Make sure to not plant anything over or close to the septic system or drain field. The roots of trees or shrubs may cause unwanted clogs or damage.

If you are recognizing unusual noises coming from your drains, it may be a sign of a bigger issue. Give our team acall. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and offer a 24-Hour Answering Service.

Baffle Replacement and Plastic Riser & Lid Kits

Baffle Replacement and Plastic Riser & Lid Kits

Carriere Sanitation offers a 24-Hour Answering Service with prompt reliable Year-Round Septic Service to North Bay, Ontario and surrounding areas. We know how important it is to have a professional by your side who you can rely on when plumbing issues start to arise. With competitive prices and extensive knowledge, Carriere Sanitation offers the best solution to your Septic System needs. We offer Tank Pumping, Tank Emptying, Septic Repairs, and more. It is imperative to stay on top of your Septic System Maintenance to avoid any unwanted problems.

To keep your Septic System in good shape, here is a couple of suggestions:
1. Know how your Septic System works.

2. Use an efficient Toilet and never put anything but toilet paper down the Toilet.

3. Don't pour grease down the drain.

4. Use Garbage Disposals wisely. If you have any questions or you're in need of a professional, don't hold back, give us a call!

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